How Purchased Likes attract Brands and Collaborations?

How Purchased Likes attract Brands and Collaborations?

Are you an Instagram user looking to get some Brand collaborations and sponsored content? You must be on the platform for a very long time, but due to a lack of engagement in the form of likes and comments, Brands and Collaborations are far away from reaching your account. The increasing competition on Instagram made it challenging to get good engagement and attract Brands and Collaborations. Some creators and influencers got millions of likes on their posts; for them attracting brands is a piece of cake. Instagram likes are criteria these brands follow while selecting People for Collaboration. But getting enough likes to attract brands is challenging for people like you who have some 100s followers. But what if we tell you “There is a shortcut to get millions of likes that too with minimal effort and less time”? Yes, this was once used by almost all the Influencers and creators with millions of likes today. Purchasing Instagram Likes from genuine websites helps you to increase the number, enhancing profile visibility and ultimately gaining brand trust.

How purchased Likes attract Brands and Collaborations?

Purchasing likes means an instant increase in likes of some recent posts, which can be visible to brands for collaborations. Not only big brands but some influencers can also connect with you for promotional purposes.

The perception of Social Proof

Before contacting anyone, the obvious thing a brand checks are its social media existence and engagement. As brands get the maximum benefit from socially active profiles, purchasing likes can give a positive initial impression of your profile. A high number of likes indicate that you are creating relatable content that resonates with your audience. This proves that you have a genuine fanbase who likes visiting your profile to watch content.

We have observed that brands look for profiles with a substantial following and sufficient engagement to make their content reach the maximum. You must have noticed some profiles with ordinary followers but likes in millions. These are generally paid likes that those creators purchase to show high engagement to brands. Once they gain the brand’s trust, collaborations become common, and to keep that collaboration alive, they buy Instagram likes after certain breaks. This neither harms their account nor stops future brand collaborations.

Increase Visibility and Reach


When you get a good number of likes on a particular post or reel, Instagram algorithms view the content as valuable and increase its reach by showing it on the search/explore page. The post may reach some good companies looking for brand collaborations. When the reach and visibility increase, organic engagement also increases. More people visit your profile, check your content, and show the desired engagement. So, understand that at the cost of 100 likes, you are getting 200 likes – 100 Paid and 100 organic. But this is only possible when you first enhance reach by buying some likes and letting Instagram bots do the further work.

When reach increases, the DMs and emails for brand collaborations increase from one to ten in a minimal time. First leads to second, second to third; likewise, your account can become your earning source. People are earning in lakhs from brand collaborations. Nowadays, even comedy video creators are getting opportunities to collaborate with popular brands like Sony, Apple, Domino, Zee5, etc. Therefore, real Instagram likes are a catalyst to get good brand collaborations.

Negotiating Power

Having a high number of likes gives you an opportunity to negotiate with brands for collaborations. Brands consider engagement (likes, comments, followers) analytics as a deciding factor while selecting brands. With a good number of likes, you can present yourself as an authoritative account that can bring engagement from a larger audience. This metric plays a key role when deciding compensation for brand collaborations, and you can negotiate for a higher amount making it favorable for you.

With fewer likes, it is unlikely that you will get any collaborations, and even if you got, you have to do it at a minimal value. Therefore, influencers can demonstrate their capacity to raise awareness, encourage conversions, or accomplish particular marketing goals by highlighting their high engagement rates and strong like counts, ultimately boosting their negotiating position.

Attracting Brands seeking instant results

In fast-paced marketing, most brands need fast results from their marketing activities. Brand collaborations are a vital marketing method for such brands, and they seek their immediate impact on their leads and conversions. No Brand will scroll your whole profile to check how many likes you get on which post. Therefore, to capture their interest, it is necessary to have a good number of likes on recent posts at least. Purchased Instagram likes can be a method that draws marketers hoping for immediate engagement and visibility. They view your profile as highly engaged and may connect with you for their promotions and collaborations.

But as this is a short-term strategy to attract brand collaborations initially, creators must strategize long-term Instagram strategy to keep the higher number of likes alive.

Brand Alignment


Brand Alignment means the compatibility and similarity between the brands looking for collaboration and influencers in the market. This alignment includes value, target audience, niche of the account, and overall, how it is presented on the platform. When brands find influencers that align with their nature of business and goals, they reach out to them, offering brand collaborations.

A large number of likes might attract brands whose target market coincides with your followers, enhancing the possibility of brand collaborations. As a large number of likes can be gained overnight, many influencers today are not earning from the platform. This is due to the increased competition on the platform. Every second person has started creating quality content, purchasing likes initially, and converting them to long-term followers. Brands decide to partner for a reasonable sum when they look at their likes and followers and determine that their broad audience could also like their products or services.


Although purchasing likes is considered a short-term solution to increasing likes, it gives long-term benefits even in that limited period. Increased likes enhance the page’s visibility, getting more organic engagement and lifelong followers. All these metrics attract brands for collaborations that too at the creator’s rate. When the likes are high, you get stats to show to the brands while negotiating the price.

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